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    School bus drivers are a group of talented men and women who play an important role in the school community by safely transporting our students to and from school.  If you are looking for a way to connect with other school bus drivers, please join our community on facebook.   Thank you for driving with care, and making a difference in the lives of our students!

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  • Bully Prevention Tips

    Students, bus drivers and administrators alike, often report frustration with how to address bullying on the school bus.  Unfortunately, the school bus provides the ideal setting for bullying, as the driver is typically the only adult on board.  With the driver’s attention primarily focused on the road, his/her options are limited for quickly dealing with […]

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  • Introducing ZoeBus

    At ZoeBus, we recognize that bus drivers are often the first adults that some students see in the morning.  These talented men and women behind the wheel play an integral role in the school community, yet their contribution is often overlooked. Through ZoeBus, it is our hope to bring positive attention to school bus drivers […]

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A Little About ZoeBus

ZoeBus® is a company whose mission is to positively impact bully prevention and school bus safety efforts through a focus on good character. During uniquely tailored workshops, Mrs. Crump motivates drivers as she shares ideas and strategies for preventing bullying on the bus, managing student behavior, and building positive relationships with parents. Students are engaged while learning about school bus safety and bully prevention, on Zoe, a modified school bus equipped with TV monitors and sound system.

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