Our Story

ZoeBus® is a company whose mission is to positively impact bully prevention and school bus safety efforts through a focus on good character. As a veteran educator and owner of ZoeBus, Gina Crump holds the belief that behavior on the school bus directly impacts safety on the school bus. The same expectations for good behavior and strong character in the school building should carry over to the school bus, but drivers cannot be expected to follow through with this expectation without support and training!

Mrs. Crump offers uniquely tailored workshops and presentations rich with interaction. As a certified bus driver, she is able to empathize with drivers as they share the challenges they face behind the wheel. Bus drivers are motivated and affirmed as they learn tips for managing student behavior, being effective role models, building positive relationships with parents, and preventing bullying on the bus. (Flexible pricing is available, according to the needs of your team.)

As the tagline for ZoeBus® indicates, students can respect the ride, by taking responsibility for their own behavior on the school bus. School bus safety assemblies are offered at an affordable rate for elementary age students. By incorporating audience participation and fun visual examples, students have fun while they learn how taking responsibility for their own behavior on the bus makes the ride safer for everyone.

Students are taught bully prevention strategies designed specifically for the school bus, in the most effective setting possible, directly on the bus! “Zoe” the modified school bus is equipped with TV monitors and a sound system, and offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience for groups of 35-50 elementary students at a time. After boarding the bus, students participate in role-play activities and discussions, as Mrs. Crump facilitates engaging lessons that teach students how to be an “ally” as opposed to a bystander when bullying occurs on the bus.

Zoe is also available to visit your building for evacuation drills, School Bus Safety week, kindergarten orientation and open house activities. If you are trying to raise parent awareness of school bus safety, then Zoe is the ticket! (Flexible pricing is available.)

Meet Gina CRUMP

Gina Crump

“The older kids on the bus call people bad names and it makes us have mean feelings.” My name is Gina Crump and while working as a school counselor, I heard many comments like this one, from students who were struggling with bullies on the bus. Having dealt with bullying as a teenager myself, I began to develop an interest in working with drivers to solve some of the issues that were affecting the students on the school bus. After spending more than twenty years as a music teacher and counselor, I chose to serve students and school personnel in a different way. I took a position as a staff development trainer for a statewide character education program, called CHARACTERplus®.

In this capacity, I worked with hundreds of educators, sharing ways to influence behavior and achievement through character education initiatives. Schools that made the biggest impact on the lives of their students did so by encouraging all adults who worked with students, including the bus drivers, to be positive role models and to purposely focus on character traits such as respect and responsibility. Realizing that bus drivers played such an important role in the school community, I developed a character education curriculum specifically for this group.

I have had the honor of facilitating presentations to dozens of teams across Missouri, but I knew that the only way I could truly understand the challenges that bus drivers faced, was to get behind the wheel myself! With my brother as my trainer, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and worked to obtain my CDL. After logging many hours transporting students at a neighboring school district, I purchased the 1997 Bluebird you see in the picture. Zoe has been transformed into a classroom on wheels, traveling to surrounding schools, where students board her to take part in interactive lessons on school bus safety and bully prevention.

Every day, school bus drivers transport millions of students safely to and from school, while also acting as a parent, nurse, disciplinarian and counselor. Sadly, it seems that the only time we hear about these drivers is when an accident involving a school bus has occurred! Through ZoeBus, my hope is not only to support drivers and educate students, but also to bring positive attention to the school transportation industry.