3 simple suggestions for putting an end to Stop Arm violations Posted by crumpg on

I think it’s safe to say all of us have felt heartbroken and frustrated at the increasing number of accidents that have taken place near a school bus or school bus stop. It is difficult to understand how anyone can pass a school bus that has an extended Stop Arm and flashing red lights, putting […]

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Reducing distracted driving Posted by crumpg on

Kids are familiar with the phrase ‘distracted driving’ and that it generally refers to texting while driving, but what they might not be aware of is how distracted driving might look on the school bus. When I’m teaching upper elementary-middle school students on the Zoe bus, I start by identifying the overhead mirror as the ‘most dangerous’ piece of […]

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Making the Case for Assigned Seating Posted by crumpg on

Last spring I asked over 400 drivers what strategies they felt were most effective in managing student behavior on the bus.  I was expecting to hear ideas that were unique to each driver’s style, but the answers were overwhelmingly similar.   The top 5 suggestions included greeting students by name, building a rapport with each […]

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Character Education Conference 2011 Posted by crumpg on

Thank you to the CHARACTERplus organization for another great Character Education Conference!  This year’s event brought attendees and speakers from all over the country, united by their  common purpose of teaching good character to young people.  At the ZoeBus booth, I had the opportunity to visit with administrators, teachers and parents who voiced concerns about […]

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ZoeBus Heroes - Jimmy and Guyla Nelson
Jimmy and Guyla Nelson Posted by crumpg on

This is a special story, as it comes from a parent!   These Heroes Behind the Wheel are married and drive for the Branson School District. My son rides Mr. Nelson’s bus in the morning and Mrs. Nelson’s bus in the afternoon.  He has been on their buses for four years now and it is […]

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Ollie Holtzclaw Posted by crumpg on

Meet our newest hero, Ollie Holtzclaw!  According to her transportation director, Ollie is a rookie driver who started driving in September 2010.  She acquired a route that had some discipline issues with the older students. Knowing that this route was going to be a challenge, she immediately started building a rapport with the students that […]

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ZoeBus Hero
Donny Lentz Posted by crumpg on

According to his transportation director, hero Donny Lentz is easy-going, soft-spoken and deeply respectful of the students he transports.  Donny is known for treating everyone with respect, including his fellow drivers.  He treats his students as young adults as he tries to teach them life lessons when the occasion arises. While Donny had the opportunity […]

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Welcome to ZoeBus
Welcome to ZoeBus Posted by crumpg on

ZoeBus is a company whose mission is to positively impact bully prevention and school bus safety efforts through a focus on good character.  As a veteran educator and owner of ZoeBus, Gina Crump holds the belief that behavioron the school bus directly impacts safety on the school bus. The same expectations for good behavior and […]

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Bully Prevention Tips Posted by crumpg on

Students, bus drivers and administrators alike, often report frustration with how to address bullying on the school bus.  Unfortunately, the school bus provides the ideal setting for bullying, as the driver is typically the only adult on board.  With the driver’s attention primarily focused on the road, his/her options are limited for quickly dealing with […]

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Introducing ZoeBus Posted by crumpg on

At ZoeBus, we recognize that bus drivers are often the first adults that some students see in the morning.  These talented men and women behind the wheel play an integral role in the school community, yet their contribution is often overlooked. Through ZoeBus, it is our hope to bring positive attention to school bus drivers […]

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