Heroes Behind The Wheel

Everyday, thousands of bus drivers safely transport their students to and from school. Yet, we rarely hear about these talented men and women, unless it involves a bus accident! We would like to change that by providing you an outlet for recognizing these heroes. If you know of a school bus driver who consistently makes a positive impact on his/her students, please submit their picture and a short story to gina@zoebus.org.We hope you enjoy the following true stories, submitted by co-workers or directors/trainers.

ZoeBus Heroes - Jimmy and Guyla Nelson
Jimmy and Guyla Nelson Posted by crumpg on

This is a special story, as it comes from a parent!   These Heroes Behind the Wheel are married and drive for the Branson School District. My son rides Mr. Nelson’s bus in the morning and Mrs. Nelson’s bus in the afternoon.  He has been on their buses for four years now and it is […]

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Ollie Holtzclaw Posted by crumpg on

Meet our newest hero, Ollie Holtzclaw!  According to her transportation director, Ollie is a rookie driver who started driving in September 2010.  She acquired a route that had some discipline issues with the older students. Knowing that this route was going to be a challenge, she immediately started building a rapport with the students that […]

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ZoeBus Hero
Donny Lentz Posted by crumpg on

According to his transportation director, hero Donny Lentz is easy-going, soft-spoken and deeply respectful of the students he transports.  Donny is known for treating everyone with respect, including his fellow drivers.  He treats his students as young adults as he tries to teach them life lessons when the occasion arises. While Donny had the opportunity […]

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