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Heroes Behind The Wheel

Jimmy and Guyla Nelson Posted by crumpg on 1 Comment

This is a special story, as it comes from a parent!   These Heroes Behind the Wheel are married and drive for the Branson School District. My son rides Mr. Nelson’s bus in the morning and Mrs. Nelson’s bus in the afternoon.  He has been on their buses for four years now and it is so comforting as a parent to know that both of my son’s bus drivers are compassionate, caring people who also keep order on their bus.  I know my son is safe while also being taught proper character and etiquette when it comes to riding the bus.  While his grandma was fighting cancer, they were consistently checking on him and asking about her.  They definitely go the extra mile in many aspects of their job!

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    Thanks for your talk with the First Student folks in Columbia, Mo. My focus is on the schools. Just Like an English class or in an English class students should be introduced to proper actions on the school bus. An interaction between bus driver and students must begin somewhere. I could go on and on. However I won’t waste the time. Your instructions was good and to the point, job well done Gina.

    Thanks again,
    Mark Mellott 
    bus # 107