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Set A Positive Tone Posted by crumpg on 1 Comment

Let’s face it.  Sometimes, one of the hardest things about working with students is making their parents happy!  As a bus driver, there are simple ways to lay the groundwork for a positive year with the parents of your students.

One of the most beneficial things a driver can do is make the effort to personally contact each student’s parents before the school year starts.  Your district may have a preference for how you contact parents, but whether by phone or letter, it is a worthwhile investment of time.  By making your first contact a positive one, you are building a relationship with parents that will be helpful if you have to call later in the year about a discipline issue.


During this initial conversation, let parents know a little about yourself and, of course, your expectations on the bus.  Ask if there’s anything they would like to tell you regarding their child’s personality or health. The hope is that parents will feel encouraged to open up to you, especially about health related concerns that you might not otherwise know about.


Remember, investing a little time in building relationships now, will bring a good profit all year long!



  • STHREEE3088

    Thank you, Mrs. Crump, for reminding us about a truly important educational concept:  the better the relationship, the more learning and cooperation take place!!  Wonderful!!