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Heroes Behind The Wheel

Donny Lentz Posted by crumpg on No Comments

According to his transportation director, hero Donny Lentz is easy-going, soft-spoken and deeply respectful of the students he transports.  Donny is known for treating everyone with respect, including his fellow drivers.  He treats his students as young adults as he tries to teach them life lessons when the occasion arises.

While Donny had the opportunity to switch to a shorter route with better roads, he felt that the route he was on needed continued stability.  He had worked hard establishing relationships with his students, as well as their parents.  One morning, Donny’s alarm didn’t go off, and a sub driver had to be put on the route quickly.   The office called the parents to let them know that the bus was running a little late, but as a show of commitment to his families, Donny took it upon himself to personally call all of the parents later in the day.

At times, a driver has to go above and beyond in very unexpected ways.  For instance, one of Donny’s students got sick on the bus, and it happened so quickly that no one had time to prepare.  Donny responded to the situation by whipping off his own hat and giving it to the young man.  The boy later showed Donny his appreciation by bringing him a new hat.

In summary, Donny is a kind, humble man who truly enjoys the everyday adventures of being a bus driver for the Ozark School District!