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Reducing distracted driving Posted by crumpg on No Comments

Kids are familiar with the phrase ‘distracted driving’ and that it generally refers to texting while driving, but what they might not be aware of is how distracted driving might look on the school bus. When I’m teaching upper elementary-middle school students on the Zoe bus, I start by identifying the overhead mirror as the ‘most dangerous’ piece of equipment on the bus and then I let them guess why.  Once we’ve established how unsafe it is for the driver to look up in the mirror, I give students the chance to name behaviors that they feel contribute the most to distracted driving on their buses.  Kids are so insightful!  They share with each other behaviors that occur, such as changing seats while the bus is moving or yelling, and begin to understand the challenge that this presents for the driver.IMG_3128  I would encourage all of you to have this important conversation with your students, frequently.  Thanks for making safety a priority!